Are you planning a trip to France and wondering what the best options are for staying connected with a local SIM card? Getting a France SIM card can make your travels much easier by providing affordable data, calls, and texts while avoiding expensive roaming charges from your home carrier. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a prepaid SIM card in France, including the top providers, data plans, where to buy them, and tips for saving money. Read on for the complete overview!

France SIM Card

1. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My France Trip?

For most travelers visiting France, getting a local prepaid France SIM Card is highly recommended. With a French SIM card, you can:

  • Avoid high roaming fees from your home provider
  • Have constant access to data/internet for maps, translators, and social media
  • Make affordable local calls and texts to French numbers
  • Stay connected throughout France and other EU countries

The main downside is you will be assigned a temporary new local number that’s different from your regular one. However, the benefits usually far outweigh this small inconvenience. Using free airport/hotel WiFi for connectivity isn’t reliable. And roaming charges from your home carrier, especially for data, can rack up a huge phone bill. Overall, a local prepaid France SIM card is your best bet for staying connected affordably.

2. France SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

When shopping for a France SIM Card, you’ll generally come across two options: Prepaid SIM card and eSIM.

Category Type Description
By Form Physical SIM card Traditional plastic SIM card inserted into phone SIM slot. Prices start around 10-15 USD.
eSIM Digitally embedded SIM activated remotely without physical SIM. Prices also start around 10-15 USD.
By Function Data-only eSIM Allows only data connectivity at a lower price
Voice & data eSIM Supports both voice/SMS and data, more expensive than data-only
Tourist SIM/eSIM Prepaid SIM targeting tourists, offers fixed quota of calls/data/texts for duration of trip

For most travelers, a prepaid SIM card will be the best choice in France, as they are widely available and easy to set up. But eSIMs are also a viable option, especially if you need the flexibility to change plans or already have an eSIM-compatible device.

The main factors are phone compatibility, convenience, and reliability. Check that your device works with the eSIM or nano/micro/mini-SIM size you intend to get. Both prepaid and eSIM options will provide strong, fast networks across France.

3. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for France?

If you plan to use your French SIM primarily for maps, social media, web browsing, and light video/music streaming, a prepaid plan with 5-10GB of data is recommended for a 7-14 day trip.

For two weeks or longer trips with heavier data usage, you may want to opt for a 10-20GB data plan. Unlimited data plans are also available but usually not necessary for the average traveler’s usage.

Keep in mind that within the EU, French SIMs provide some data roaming at no extra cost. So that 5GB could stretch further if you also travel to neighboring countries. To conserve your data, use WiFi whenever available and limit bandwidth-heavy activities like video calling. Also consider downloading maps, music playlists or shows beforehand over WiFi for offline usage later.

4. How Much Does a France SIM Card Cost?

Costs for prepaid France SIM cards are very affordable, usually around 10-30 USD depending on the data amount:

Type of SIM Card Price Range
Prepaid SIM 10-15 USD
Monthly plan (5GB data) 10-15 USD
Monthly plan (10-15GB data) 15-20 USD
Monthly plan (Unlimited data) 30-40 USD
Monthly plan with phone (24 months) 30-50 USD
eSIM plan 15-20 USD
Student/Family discounts 5-10 USD

Some key points about the table:
– Users purchase prepaid SIM cards which carry a set amount of data and minutes that can be recharged regularly.
– Unlimited data plans cost anywhere from about Є10-Є15 per month if they have to be combined with a phone, while basic data allowances start at about Є30-€40 per month.
– Installement billing plans that combine a new phone under 24-months is costly ranging at Є30-Є50 per month depending with the phone model.
– For example, other carriers like SFR and Bouygues further cut their prices for students and families.
The above table therefore summarizes the average prices of various SIM card & plan combinations that the French consumer may expect to pay in 2023.

5. France eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

If you prefer the convenience of not having to insert a physical SIM card, going with a France eSIM option is a great alternative. Here are some key benefits to choosing an eSIM for your France trip:

  • No need to go to a store, eSIMs can be purchased and set up entirely online.
  • Quick and easy activation – eSIMs are digitally programmed to your device within minutes.
  • Flexibility to change plans or extend data if needed right from an app.
  • Dual SIM functionality to have both your home number and France eSIM active.

Leading France providers like Orange and SFR offer prepaid tourist eSIMs. Third-party eSIM companies like and KnowRoaming also have France options without any contract.

To use a France eSIM, you’ll need a smartphone with built-in eSIM capabilities, such as newer iPhones and Google Pixel/Samsung Galaxy models. Check this France eSIM Compatible Device List to confirm if you’re eSIM-ready.

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6. Where to Buy a France SIM Card?

You can conveniently pick up a prepaid France SIM card both before arrival and once in the country. Here are some top options:

6.1. Buy eSIM online

For eSIMs, simply purchase online ahead of time from provider websites or third-party sellers like Once signed up, you’ll receive instant activation instructions.

6.2. Buy physical France SIM Card

In France, you can buy a SIM at:

  • Major carrier stores like Orange, SFR, Bouygues, and Free Mobile
  • SIM kiosks and tobacco shops (Tabac) – these are found everywhere and usually have the best deals
  • Electronics stores like FNAC or Boulanger
  • Select supermarkets like Carrefour
  • Vending machines at Paris airports and stations
SFR France store
SFR Store

When buying in person, bring your passport as identification. Know the amount of data you’ll need beforehand. Ask the staff if they speak English to assist choosing the right SIM plan. Some providers like Lebara also sell physical SIM card kits at major airports if you’d prefer to buy right on arrival.

7. How to Use France SIM Card

Using your French SIM card is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your phone – Most carriers will unlock your device either automatically after your contract ends or through an online request. If not already unlocked, contact your provider.
  2. Insert the SIM – Turn off your phone, locate your SIM card tray, and swap out your usual SIM for the France one you purchased. Be sure it’s the right size – micro, nano or regular.
  3. Turn on phone and activate – Power on your phone and follow the prompts to activate your France SIM. You may need to enter the included PIN code.
  4. Configure APN settings – For data to work, enter the APN manual settings provided on the SIM packaging. Search “APN settings” on your phone’s menu.
  5. Top up/recharge when needed – When your prepaid credit or data runs low, you can top up the SIM at tobacco shops, stores, or online via your SIM account.

And that’s it – you’ll now have a working France number and data plan ready for your trip! Be sure to switch SIMs again when you return home.

8. Best Mobile Operators for France SIM Cards

Here are the top network providers to consider when shopping for a local French SIM:

Operator Coverage Price range for SIM card Pros Cons eSIM available?
Orange Very good coverage across France including rural areas. Also has roaming agreements for use in other countries. Free - ~10 USD Wide range of plans and prices. Good customer service. Can be more expensive than competitors. Yes
SFR Excellent coverage in cities and major towns. Coverage good but slightly less than Orange in rural areas. Free - ~10 USD Competitive prices. Large data allowances. Customer service quality varies. Yes
Bouygues Telecom Excellent coverage in cities and major towns. Very good rural coverage but slightly less than Orange. Free - ~10 USD Affordable prices. Good plans for data use. Network performance can vary in some areas. Yes
Free Mobile Excellent coverage in cities and major towns. Good rural coverage mainly along major transport routes. Free Very low cost plans. Unlimited calls/texts. No term contract. Lower priority data. Coverage not as broad as Orange/SFR. No

The main operators in France are Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile. Orange and SFR typically have the broadest coverage nationwide. eSIM is now available from Orange, SFR and Bouygues but not Free Mobile which focuses on SIM-only no-contract plans. Price range is similar for starter SIM cards across operators. Choice depends on coverage needs, preferred rate plan and features.

Third-party operators like Lebara and Lyca tend to be cheaper, while Orange and SFR provide the most robust networks. For an eSIM, is one of the top choices.

9. Tips for Saving Data for France SIM Card

Here are some tips to stretch your French SIM data plan further:

  • Connect to free WiFi whenever possible at your hotel, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Disable auto-play and background data usage for music/video apps.
  • Download offline Google Maps of key areas and use GPS mode to avoid data-drain.
  • Bring your own portable power bank so your phone doesn’t die while sightseeing.
  • Turn on Airplane mode when not actively using data and enable WiFi as needed.
  • Cut down streaming quality to 480p instead of HD 1080p/4K resolutions.
  • Disable social media auto-downloads and use the mobile sites instead of the apps.
  • Consider a SIM with rollover data, so unused data carries over between billing cycles.

Staying vigilant about minimizing unnecessary data usage goes a long way. With a few GB of data, you can easily power through your France trip while keeping your SIM costs low!

10. FAQs about France SIM Card

Do I need to show ID to buy a SIM in France?

Yes, you’ll need to show a valid passport or EU national ID when purchasing a prepaid French SIM in stores.

Can I use a France SIM across Europe?

Yes, French SIMs provide data roaming across most of the EU at no extra cost. Great for hopping between European countries!

Are there France SIM card scams to watch out for?

Only buy directly from official mobile operator stores/sites or reputable retailers. Avoid street vendors selling SIMs who may overcharge tourists or sell cloned cards.

How do I top up my France prepaid SIM?

You can add more credit at tobacconists, French carrier stores, or online through your SIM account dashboard. Just show your SIM number or voucher code.

What’s the best France SIM card for long trips >1 month?

For extended stays, look into monthly rolling plans from French providers that offer discounted rates for local residents rather than short-term tourist SIMs.

11. Conclusion

It is also important to have a SIM card from France prior to your visit because it’s affordable and straightforward to acquire. Since there are numerous providers and choices for prepaid plans or eSIMs choose which one could best serve their need to consume data. Therefore, the eSIM plan gives a more convenient option compared to physical SIM card which doesn’t necessarily have to be swapped when traveling. You do not have to go to a store or kiosk and instead, you can setup you France cellular plan from your own device.
In France, you have a local number that gives you a constant connection but without worrying about high roaming fees. Just set it up and watch your data consumption. Have a great trip and stay in touch with the best French Sim. The eSIM secures uninterrupted communication during your travel without any fear of damaging of a physical SIM card. It’s one of the most convenient choices for many travelers as it offers flexibility.