Arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport and need a local SIM card for your phone? Getting a French SIM card at CDG airport is easy, with kiosks and stores located in arrivals areas. This guide explains where to find SIM card at Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle, the best SIM card deals, and things to know before buying a French SIM.

SIM Card at Paris Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Here are a few options for buying a SIM card at Paris Airport – Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) International Airport:

  • Orange Store – One of the major French carriers, Orange has a store in Terminal 2E that sells SIM cards. Plans start at around 20 USD for 30GB of data.
  • SFR Store – Another major French provider, SFR has a shop in Terminal 2A/2C. SIM card at Paris Airport start around 20 USD for 10GB of data.
  • Vending Machines – Look for Orange, SFR, and Bouygues SIM vending machines throughout the terminals near arrivals areas. Cards purchased from machines usually have the same data allowances.
  • Relay Stores – Convenience stores in the terminals like Relay sell some no-contract SIMs from Orange, SFR, and Bouygues starting at 10-15 USD with limited data.
  • Airport Express Kiosks – Kiosks located before immigration in Terminal 2E and 2F sell multi-carrier SIM packs with data, usually for between 20-30 USD.
CDG Relay Store
Relay Convenience store at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

All SIM card at Paris Airport will need to be activated before use. Make sure to bring your passport for registration. Coverage from the main carriers is excellent around Paris and nationwide.

Buying a SIM on arrival is convenient and avoids having to find a store in Paris. Charles de Gaulle Airport offers SIM cards from all major French networks including Orange, SFR, Bouygues, and Free Mobile.

II. Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

Here are the main SIM card options at Paris airport and average costs:

Operator SIM card Price Data Calls Texts International credit Validity
Bouygues My European SIM ~ 40 USD 30 GB Unlimited Unlimited ~ 25 USD 30 days
Orange Holiday SIM ~ 40 USD 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited 120 minutes and 1,000 texts 14 days
SFR Welcome SIM ~ 30 USD 15 GB Unlimited Unlimited None 14 days
LeFrenchMobile SIM + Data France ~ 17 USD 2 GB 2 USD for phone calls None None 30 days

LeFrenchMobile has good value short-term SIMs perfect for a 1-2 week trip. Orange and SFR SIMs better for longer visits or heavy data usage due to faster networks.

Avoid roaming from your home SIM if possible, as roaming rates are expensive. Buying a local French SIM Card at Paris Airport with a prepaid data plan saves on costs.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle International Airport

To purchase and activate a SIM card at Paris Airport, you’ll need:

  • Unlocked Phone – Your phone must be unlocked to use foreign SIMs. Contact your provider to unlock it before travel.
  • Passport – Your passport will be required as ID when buying and registering a SIM card in France.
  • EU Visitors – EU citizens can get a SIM card with just their passport. No registration needed.
  • Non-EU Visitors – May require showing travel details like airline ticket and accommodation address.
  • Nano/Micro SIM – iPhone 11+ and newer Androids need a Nano SIM. Some cards come with adapters.
  • Activate SIM – Follow the instructions to activate SIM after inserting it into the phone. May need to call the provider.

Also budget enough data for maps/navigation and confirm what’s included in your SIM plan like talk time.

Buying a SIM card at Paris airport allows you to research plans and be prepared. Keep your passport handy and know your phone’s SIM card size.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Paris Airport – Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Besides physical SIM card at Paris Airport, eSIM is a digital option offered by some French carriers. eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan remotely, without having to insert a card.

Here are the main eSIM options for France:

  • Orange eSIM – Available to prepaid Holiday SIM customers. Activate eSIM via app before arrival.
  • SFR eSIM – eSIM available on some plans. Need to order an SFR SIM card first then switch to eSIM.
  • Free Mobile eSIM – Free SIM card plans support eSIM. Activate via a Free app on iPhone/Android.
  • – Digital eSIM provider with short-term plans for France. Starting at just $6 for 3 days.

The benefit of eSIM is not having to go to the airport kiosk on arrival. Avoid the hassle and get connected to 4G/5G networks in France from the comfort of your home with an eSIM from

Purchase an eSIM plan online before your trip and receive instant activation details via email – no more searching for SIM vendors or activation instructions in a foreign airport. Say goodbye to roaming fees and stay connected everywhere you travel across France with fast and reliable data. Buy your eSIM plan now at and be ready to go as soon as you touch down!

Get a Week of French Data. France eSIM 7 Day Plan. Up to 20GB for only $6.50: 

France eSIM 15 Day Plan. Reliable Data You Can Count On. From $6.50 for 1-3GB daily speeds:

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V. FAQs about SIM Card at Paris Airport

Q: Can I buy a SIM card outside the airport in Paris?

A: Yes, you can find SIM cards at convenience stores, supermarkets, phone shops and kiosks across Paris. However, prices may be higher than the airport.

Q: How much data should I get on my French SIM card?

A: For light usage like maps and social media, 5-10GB is enough for a 1-2 week trip. For heavier usage or longer visits, opt for 20GB+ plans.

Q: Can I recharge or top up my SIM card?

A: Yes, you can add more calling credit and data to your SIM. Top-up vouchers are sold at tabacs, shops, and kiosks.

Q: Do SIM cards work in other EU countries?

A: Most French SIMs include some roaming data in the EU. But check if you need to pay roaming fees outside France.

Q: Can I buy a SIM card if I’m in transit at CDG airport?

A: Yes, even on a layover you can purchase a SIM card without issues as long as you have your passport.

VI. Final Words

Buying a prepaid French SIM card on arrival at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is quick and convenient. Look for LeFrenchMobile and Orange Holiday SIM kiosks in the arrivals hall of your terminal for the best deals. Have your unlocked phone and passport ready, and check the included data amounts.

A local SIM card at Paris Airport allows you to stay connected with data and calls during your Paris trip. Avoid expensive roaming fees and consider options like Orange and France eSIM from for high-speed 5G. Bon voyage!